Coloring Between The Lines

I was thinking we were going to have a sky full of colorful clouds at sunset, but as the sun went down the clouds above the lines of clouds disappeared and most of the color was trapped under and between the lines of clouds.

Crows flying under the moon.

Horse smooch from Mustang Hazel.

Clouds to the northwest.

The painter colored between the lines.

46 thoughts on “Coloring Between The Lines

  1. Okay, maybe I need more sleep, but I honestly thought Hazel was a rabbit the first time I looked at it – read it closer and realized my perspective was waaaay off ha!

  2. Love the nostrils!….. And all your photos Tim… for a change these last few days we have had clear frosty skies… no cloud.. That has felt wonderful.. Keep colouring between the lines Tim….. We need the beauty you share. ❤ .

  3. Really fun to see the world in your perspective, Tiimothy. Beautiful skies and musings on it, and the horse shot just made me laugh. My favorite here is the crows and the moon, ethereal and vast and heavenly.

    • Thanks, Jet. The crows are really impressive in person because there are so many of them strung out across the sky. I have not been able to show how massive the crow movement is in photos.

  4. This is when Mother Nature teases an unforgetable sunset, then washes it out.

    O/T: What’s new about the cyberattack on ABQ schools? Just read it suffered one.

    • Not much news on APS other than schools are still closed. The Superintendent has a message about the attack on the APS website. He said school districts are targeted because they don’t have the resources for security like the private sector. I take issue with that. APS has plenty of resources they could use for cyber security, those resources get put into other things.

      We host many web apps for APS, and those sites are constantly under attack. Attackers managed to replace the index pages on a couple of sites some years ago, but we have backups, and simply took down the compromised sites, replaced them with the backups and plugged the hole the attachers got in through. That way we didn’t have to spend time trying to assess if they got any deeper than the index pages. We try a keep our virtual servers really secure. I don’t think people realize that all servers on the web are under constant attack.

      • School districts see the money allocated for web security as a pot of free money. The school districts here just as woeful when it comes to cyber security. Their network admin positions are vacant for the most part. I don’t feel sorry for them if they fall victim to a cyber attack or ransomware because they don’t take it seriously.

      • I’ve worked a lot with the APS IT folks because we have developed apps that first responders use to deal with physical security in the schools. All the people I’ve worked with a very competent, but overworked because, like so many places, they can’t fill IT positions. A problem with remote classrooms is they have to open ports they would normally close down for the remote systems to work properly, which makes their networks vulnerable. It’s not just APS, Bernalillo County was compromized about a week earlier. We’ve had several school districts compromised by ransomware over the past couple of years.

  5. I find that the skies are so often different day to day lately, Tim. Mind you, we’ve had over 30 hours of fog, just clearing a bit now, well, a lot now. Better than smog though.
    You’ve still got amazing views.
    Mustang Hazel is gorgeous!

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