55 thoughts on “J Stands For Geese

  1. Stunning. Do you ever submit your photography to magazines and other publication places, Tim? I’ve no idea how that works, yet do know your photography is amazing.

    • I’ve had a few photos in magazines and have received a few awards, but I find it’s more trouble than it’s worth to enter contests and submit photos for publication. Thanks, Jeff.

    • They were getting tired of the flying V. Too rock and roll. A Big-J is more country. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  2. Are you sure they were not advertising fishing hooks for Bass Pro!?! One more goose to add a barb on the loop and presto, a perfect asian carp removal system.

    • Jesus geese flying above the streets proselytizing? What’s the world and airspace coming to? Thanks, Rudi.

  3. An amazing photograph Timothy. Stunning! I heard a massive murder of crows passed over a Cali town a few days ago. Apparently it’s not unusual over the past couple of years . I wonder what it means.

  4. What a lovely shot. I managed to capture my insect shot and now birds are on my list. But how difficult that is. I really appreciate others’ captures

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