Lavender Crows

Lavender Crows taking a break in Lavender Trees

Although it will be Monday before the moon does not pass the meridian, the Wolf Moon starts today. A lavender circle catches the echoes from the collective howls of wolves around the world as they become active searching for food, looking for mates, and preparing to breed under the Hunger Moon in February.

Sasha: “Did I hear you say wolves?”

57 thoughts on “Lavender Crows

  1. That is a beautiful set of photos, Tim, especially the moon. That would make a good SciFi or fantasy book cover. Sasha is very sweet looking, and that is a cute pose. The lavender crows are a nice composition. Looks like it is going to snow there.

      • Oh dear, sweet Sasha
        Cover her from the Wolf Moon
        Till 17 January 2021…😂

        Wow to think our first full moon is on its way already ..
        ….I pray you weather the storms in the heart of your winter.

        I love lavender, it has a calming effect on my whole being. A beautiful hue to compliment the overwhelming green in nature.

        Beautiful photography, fascinating how the crows are attracted to the tranquility of the lavender trees.

      • Thanks, abvr. The crows need a rest after flying many thousands of miles from nowhere to wherever.

      • Lol from nowhere to wherever …that’s an attrack on their intelligence. Surely there is another reason for the much needed rest.

        You are most welcome Timothy Price

      • I’m not attacking their intelligence in the least. Thasands of crows fly over head every day. From where they come I have no idea. To where to fly is as much of a mystery.

  2. You have company Sasha, my poodles hide under the covers when they hear our coyote packs light up after a fresh kill. Lord knows what they would do if there were wolves lurking. Was there a matching image say directly to the right or left of your moon shot… just seems like there should be a pair.

  3. Whenever I visit your place, I feel there there is a mystical energy surrounding me. Lavender, Wolf Moon, Crows. I look forward to every one of your posts. There is always an adventure…

    • But we celebrated Epiphany last week. All the Christmas stuff, including paper has not been put away.

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