Cats n Roses & Flowers & Sunsets


Austrian Copper


Lady Banks

Glenda looking like our old Guildenstern.

Blue Iris

Loki doing the Classic Buffalo Crispy Wings.





Tiffany’s Tree, Gabriela’s Tree, Gigi’s Tree, Teagan’s Trees behind Gigi’s Tree, Susan’s Tree, Lavinia’s, Marina’s and Dale’s trees are blending in and Resa’s Tree on the Right.

Austrian Copper through Wisteria’s lavender mist.

37 thoughts on “Cats n Roses & Flowers & Sunsets

  1. “Master, bring me the knife, I think Brian is prowling around our website again”.. signed The Cat (think it was Loki, he looks a little shifty)

  2. Kitties, flowers, trees and sky are a beautiful start to the day, Tim.

    Our lilac is in full bloom here, too. I don’t know whether it was the cool extended spring or milder winter, but the lilac is at its best this year.

  3. Wow! This is better than Guns N’ Roses.
    Of course with his cover cat looks, Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ was the lead in.
    Love that trees shot! That’s got to be in a PBH post!!!!
    Of course, once again, my tree is optimal. Just sayin’!
    Wonderful post!

  4. Lady Banks is looking delightful. Like a paper garland. I really like that rose. I tried to persuade my sweetheart to grow it but he says it’s too big for his garden.

    • Lady Banks does get out of hand. She all over Austrian Copper and Mermaid. Thanks, Susan.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the kitty portraits, Glenda and Gwendolyn are all grown up and so beautiful! 😻Also good to see “my” tree, that’s a cool shot of all the trees together!

    • Hi Tiffany. It’s getting had to tell Glenda from Loki these days. The kittens are big. You tree looked great in the last light of sunset.

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