Triple Delight

Major Tom Peepers, Sleepy, and Mona Lisa.

Yellow iris working on blooming.

A black hawk was circling in the distance.

A noble hummer.

This sunset was from two night ago. I forgot to post it.

53 thoughts on “Triple Delight

  1. Those owls are marvelous. When I was a kid, my dad was into falconry, and in addition to hawks, we had a couple owls. I have a special soft spot for these guys. Plus it’s just a great photo.

    • Thanks, Eric. That’s wonderful you grew up with Flacons and Owls. They are so cool.

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations to Marcella! You are always good at helping other bloggers, Tim.

    The owlets are very sweet, and it is a lovely series of photos.

  3. Amazing!! You are friends with the owlets, and their parents by logical conclusion. How incredibly cool is that! Wild birds are very careful. They watch and learn who to trust. Holler Iris are blooming too.

  4. Everything about this post is gorgeous. And how kind of you to shout out good vibes to Marcella. Love love love those pics!!!

  5. Oh, how wonderful! Thank you for the introduction! Happy Birthday to Marcella!
    3 owlets posing, a hawk, a hummer and the painter’s sunset… what better for a beautiful day!

    • Thanks, Marina. We had clear skies yesterday so nothing spectacular at sunset, besides the owlets. But I noticed I had not posted the sunset from earlier. I was happy I could slip it in with the wowlets.

      • Yes clear skies. We actually get a lot of them around here. Big, wide-open, blue skies. However, the painter gets bored and often paints in evening clouds and lots of thunderheads in the summer-time.

      • Speaking of blue or the lack of a word for blue, here’s a question for you. I saw a post by someone I don’t follow about homer’s “wine-dark sea” followed by a discussion about the lack of the a word for blue in ancient languages. But then I also read that the Greek words the gets translated as “wine-dark” could be translated as “wine-face” which could indicate a stormy sea. Any thought’s on wine-dark and blue or not blue?

      • So strange!!!!! I just saw the same research which concludes that the only civilization that used blue was the Egyptian. All the rest didn’t know blue. When Homer refers to the sky as ‘bronze’ for example, he means it’s shining like a bronze shield. Wine-dark may be another translation for bronze. The only ‘blue’ color mentioned in ancient Greece [not in Homer though] is Cyan.

  6. Adorable. That’s a triple dose of cuteness. But you know I love your sky-scapes. That purple! The sky is breathtaking, and you’ve framed it perfectly. Excellent work, Tim. Hugs on the wing.

  7. These are such beautiful photos! Timothy, have you published your photos anywhere? They would be gorgeous in National Geographic! Love them.
    Happy birthday Marcella 😊

    • You are welcome, Rebecca. Thank you for visiting and thank you for all your work interviewing people and expanding our knowledge and perspectives of the worlds your interviews present to us.

      • We do what we can to make the world a better place, and to make the blogosphere an open an welcoming place within our tiny places in cyberspace.

  8. Okay, here is the discovery of the 3!
    AMAZING shots of the babies.
    Would the Black Hawk try to steal and eat one of the babies?

    • He would at his own peril. Any predator that gets near the owlets is taken out by Daddy owl in an instant. Cooper’s Hawks try every now an then and end up becoming dinner. Daddy Owl will attack coyotes if they stop on the ditch and look up at the owlets. I really appreciate that Daddy Owl and Mama Owl allows us to be a part of their lives and share the owlets with us instead of attacking us. I tell them how much I appreciate that.

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