Swainson Flyover

Under a clear blue sky, the sun sinking low, a Swainson’s Hawk flew over head. Susan Hunter corrected me on my naming of the hawlk. Thanks, Susan. The only clouds were far to the south behind Mia’s Tree.

50 thoughts on “Swainson Flyover

  1. Hi Tim,
    This is a Swainson’s Hawk. It looks like the one I photographed last week at the Tramway Outfall. Note the narrow wings, and white feathers above it’s beak and the black tips on the trailing flight feathers. These are good photos of the hawk and river, though.
    Susan H

    • Thanks Susan. I’ll update it this evening. That’s why when people as me if I’m a birder I say no.

  2. Jaw-dropping. wow!
    And people like Susan blow me away. I am so illiterate when it comes to wildlife – fauna and flora!

    • Thanks, Brian. I assume you would have corrected me on the type of hawk id Susan hadn’t?

      • Those swainson’s can be a tricky bunch – actually depending on some of the morphs it can be a toss up, but she definitely has it called correctly.

  3. Beautiful bird! I’ll have to share this with the bird whisperers in the fam. That hawk ‘s range is west of us, so we’ve never seen it. Thanks!

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