Let Them Eat Duck

Major Tom Peepers out of the nest, Mona Lisa getting ready to get out of the nest.

All three owlets got out of the nest tonight. Sleepy finally got out but then fell back into the nest. Daddy Owl caught and something and brought it to Mama Owl. They tore it apart and then Mama Owl flew it over to the owlets and fed them. Dinner turned out to be a duck. It got too dark to get decent photos of the whole feeding, but Mama Owl tore pieces of the portion of the duck she had, gave the smaller pieces to Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa, and the largest portion to Sleepy. Sleepy is the runt, and Mama Owl is taking extra care of him. Since it’s late, I put the photos in a gallery that you can click on and have a slide show of the owlets getting out of the nest and the feeding.

59 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Duck

  1. Excellent, they actually have bodies (although one appears to be getting out consumed by its siblings ha). The talons on those owlets already look vicious.

    • Hi Leen. They do blend in well, but they are easy to spot once you know where to look.

      • Aww wowie! How many families of owls are there around the area?

      • We have two owl families a mile apart from each other that I know where the nests are. But there are owl families about every mile along the bosque.

      • Wow! You will get to see them grow up. That’s amazing that there are so many owl families in your vicinity. Currently, my local park has a family of geese. It’s going to be sweet to watch them grow up!!!! 🙂

  2. I was going to ask, how did you know it was a duck, untill I went through all the photos. Poor thing, but that’s nature… relentless.
    Amazing shots, my friend.

    • Hi Marina. What I don’t know is if Daddy Owl killed the duck or scavenged it. The wood ducks hang out in the trees with the Owls all the time. It’s an interesting question. Mama flew out and came back with what looked like a mouse after the first feeding. It was too dark to get photos. The owls are busy parents.

    • Hi Frank. Dina is a super photographer. We have barn owls out here, but I never see them in the Bosque.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. We a lucky they go about the life while we are watching them.

  3. Oh boy did I ever enjoy these owlet photos, Timothy! Fun to hear your commentary on the observations, and then to see the photos. I was smiling through the slide show, each one an adorable capture of their new lives. Then when I got to the photo with the head of the duck in the nest… I gasped. Wow. Fantastic that you go to see and record this.

    • Thanks, Jet. I’m happy you got to enjoy these The owlets were in great form last night.

  4. Thank you, Tim, for giving me moments of family life within nature that I will never experience. What a heartwarming collection of photos. All the children are growing up so fast….

    • They are adorable and terrifying. Apparently there are not many creatures that can tangle with Great Horned owls and survive. GHOs have incredible strength in their feet and can assert 300lbs per square inch of pressure digging their talons into prey and enemies.

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