First Full Moon of 2021

The clouds were still hanging low behind the Sandias when the first full moon of 2021 rose cost to 6:00 pm tonight. Between the brightness of the full moon and the clouds, my lenses had trouble finding a sharp edge to get a sharp focus. I miss the old days when I could dial a lens to infinity and the moon would be in focus. I didn’t have to deal with finding edges in bright objects to focus on.

Mama Owl sunny side up

Uncropped photo taken from the irrigation ditch bank right under the owls just before sunset.

Cropped photo of Owls taken after sunset from the levee near the Tangle Heart tree.

51 thoughts on “First Full Moon of 2021

  1. I know what you mean about the old days of focusing. I kind of adjusted my process. I max zoom the lens, turn on the camera. If the auto-focus is on I let it sharpen the focus. If the lens is in manual focus, I adjust until I think it’s sharp.

    • Hi David. I only turn off my cameras to change lenses or if I’m not using a body for a while. Shooting stars is most often a problem. I generally focus to what looks clear and then lock the focus. Or I focus on the moon, if its out, and lock the focus.

      • Shooting stars, that’s the hardest to photograph. They’re so brief and you don’t know what part of the sky they’ll appear in.

  2. My wishes came true and I’m overjoyed these are the first images of the first full moon of the year that I see. Most rewarding, my friend. πŸ™
    I also love the owls bonus!!!

    • The moon was messing with your mind and you didn’t get to see it. That is most unsatisfying. Thanks, Couriers.

  3. Fantastic photos of that moon, Tim! And those sunny owls, as if they’re saying, “Sure you’ve caught us in the warm, golden sunlight but just try to capture us in the cold, silvery moonlight.” My favorites today are the detail of their feathers…and the moon through the branches…and the moon just breaking over the Sandias…

  4. Lovely moon shots, Tim!
    Mama Owl is so pretty in that light. How can you tell daddy from mama, if they are not beside each other?

    • Thanks, Anabel. How are you and Ketty doing in your enchanted piece of the world? Is it still cold and snowy?

      • Sorry Tim, I haven’t seen this message until now. The weather is changing, and this year I think spring will come earlier (if I’m not mistaken) πŸ˜‰ Say hello to Glenda from this part of the world 😊

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