No Help From Spunk

“This paw ain’t made for plumbing.”

The instant hot water heater I have connected in the hot water line under the sink quit working. The quickest way to remedy the problem was to change it out with the instant water heater I had in the darkroom. I tried to enlist Spunk’s help, but he isn’t into helping with plumbing projects. He supervised from the hammock.

“Hey Paparazzo put your camera down and get back to work on changing out that hot water heater.”

Flying duck intermission.

“Hmmm, Paparazzo! You are not giving me much entertainment here. You’re like really BORING!”

“Watch your language, Paparazzo! I asked for entertainment not colorful expletives about the ‘Blankity blank’ water heater. Plus there are innocent little kitten ears out and about.”