Paint The Sky Fantastic

Through the Mist Darkly

Geese Nebula

The Wave

Through the Tangle Heart Darkly

Crane Borealis


Moon @ 99.5% Waxing Gibbous

50 thoughts on “Paint The Sky Fantastic

  1. The photos are very beautiful, especially the Tangleheart tree one. I like the moon shoot, especially as it is raining up here and I can’t see it tonight. That is quite a bit of detail in that photo!

  2. These are beautiful! As Marina says, the painter was in a happy mood. I love how the owls and the moon photos conclude this collection, a fitting end to that gorgeous sunset sky.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. The sky is the limitless canvas for our beautiful artist. There seems to be a nice consistency with the daily owls, cranes and moons when I can get them. The cranes will be leaving soon.

  3. Another great set. Love your titles and the sky around the tangle heart tree is sensational. Your moon surely looks as if it has canals on it.

  4. Beautiful!!!!
    The first one looks like there’s a dragon flying through it.
    The Tangle Heart one is phenomenal! That would be great in the next tale, as there is some darkly stuff going on. I’ll email you soon!

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