Twelve Hours

6:00 am. Venus rising in the dark at dawn.

Glenda looking cool on top of an armario at noon.

Sasha napping at noon in the new hammock that replaced one of the worn-out burlap hammocks.

6:00 pm Saturn and Jupiter closing in on each other.

A closer view of Saturn and Jupiter at 6:00 pm. The lights coming off at an angle from Jupiter might be a few of its 79 moons.

44 thoughts on “Twelve Hours

  1. Tonight just with the naked eye they appeared really close together, but a tiny amount of separation could be seen. It seemed like there were โ€œstar beamsโ€ and now I am wondering if that may have been light from the moons. I guess I will plan to go out tomorrow and Monday with a camera. But even tonight it looked spectacular to a naked eye.

    • Hi Susan. You get a different point-of-view, and can probably see them later in the evening. They were already falling behind the trees at 6:00 pm. 15 minutes later, I could no longer see them.

  2. Hi Tim, your 6 am sky is spectacular with it’s colors, and of course the silhouette of trees against it. Is Glenda out and about with the big kits? Sasha’s noontime napping is precious. And your last photo is amazing capturing all the moons!

    • Thanks, Mia. Glenda is on the armario in the bedroom. I just put shelves near the ceiling in the bedroom for the kittens this morning. It makes it easy to get on top of the armario now. Glenda was proud of herself. The kittens have figured out the kitty door and they are starting to venture into the hall to check things out. But they know there are big bad kitties in the other rooms, so they don’t go too far yet.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. Glenda is starting to look more like a cat and less like a kitten. Is it just me? She should be most proud of herself! It’s wonderful that the kittens are allowed to make their own way into the rest of the house when they are comfortable and ready. Such lucky kitties!

      • The kittens look more like cats these days. Glenda looks a lot like Rosncrantz in that photo. Gwendolyn went out in the catio at 11:30 last night a got suck on the highest plank. I had to get a ladder to get her down.

  3. Great sky, brilliant Moon and Venus shots, and Sasha’s shot should be in a gallery!
    And Glenda’s expression, says to me: “I’m here to stay!”
    TTFNski, Sir.

  4. Wonderful image of Venus and the two J&S moving closer. Our skies have been covered with thick characterless clouds past 3 days. I do hope they’ll clear this evening or tomorrow.
    Meantime, you’ve got a great view inside too with the kitties posing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Really spectacular shot of the maybe Jupiter moons. Sasha is Sasha, and my, Glenda is growing up and becoming quite stately. Unfortunately our skies will be mostly cloudy, so it is now a crapshoot if we’ll be able to witness the convergence. But we know you’ll have good coverage for us.

  6. 79 moons!
    The only thing that might beat that is the number of hammocks and cat environments you have provided for your kitties.
    Love Sasha’s feet! A wonderful cosmic post, Tim!

    • I still think Jupiter has me beat with more moons the our kitties have hammacks, but it’s close. Are you back to cloudy skies after Friday’s clearing? Thanks, Resa.

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