49 thoughts on “In the Pink of Night

    • Thanks, John. The owls really blend in with the cottonwoods. The moon was really big coming up tonight.

      • Generally you need to use manual setting and expose for daylight. Otherwise, the moon comes out overexposed. It gets to a point to get detail in everything else in the photo you have to allow the moon to be overexposed.

    • Thanks, Holly. I took these photos last night, and, as I mentioned to John, the moon is full and really big tonight, but there was not a cloud in the sky all afternoon so the full moon was a bit boring tonight.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. We are hearing the owls nighting, and seeing them more and more. They are getting ready to nest.

      • YES!
        Mine zig-zags. I have the only zig-zag tree!
        I had to run, so I didn’t comment fully.
        As always, it’s the most unique tree.(the best, as well as Holly’s tree) The moon is like a pearl that wants to decorate her lacy winter’s hair.

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