Burrito Bandit

The Burrito Bandit burgles burritos from Burqueños and gives them to Burqueño bambini or other Burqueños with Burqueño bambini…

Taking a break from spinning, an older Burqueña plans to enjoy a burrito.
But the Burrito Bandit snatches the older Burqueña’s burrito from her hand.
The Burrito Bandit, with the older Burqueña’s burrito in hand, bounds for the street.
The Burrito Bandit crosses the street, and humbly hands the older Burqueña’s burrito to a younger Burqueña madre holding a Burqueño bambino in her arm.
The Burrito Bandit takes a quick peek at his gift of the burrito taken from the now hungry older Burqueña which he gave to the younger Burqueña madre holding the Buqueño bambino in her arm.