A Morning Song & Moutain Chickadee

Resa’s Tree was having a wild hair day at dawn.

Towhee singing a morning song.

A Mountain Chickadee made a quick stop on the garden cart. I barely got in two shots edgewise.

Butterfly on Brian’s favorite flower.

Lady Banks. Our first rose to bloom.

Contrails at dusk disturbed the ghosts, who went plasmatic on me.

Venus and Sliver Moon in western sky. Clouds, contrails, and stars in southern sky. Stars over luminous cottonwoods in northern sky.

Resa’s Tree blowing off steam after having wild hair at dawn.

Hmmm! Temperatures aligned.

55 thoughts on “A Morning Song & Moutain Chickadee

  1. So that is Venus near the sliver moon! I got a glimpse of them tonight.

    Your roses are blooming already! Ours are just putting out tiny leaves. Now if only the deer will leave them alone.

  2. I absolutely fell in love with your night shots, Tim. Wow! The sky fascinates me and what I can get with my lens is nothing in comparison to what you can do. Thank you so much for sharing the moon and Venus. Spectacular! …. sorry about the ghosts going plasmic!

    • Ghosts can produce descent images. We get a lot of ghosts and paranormal activity on our property. All the night shots were taken with my iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks, Amy Rose.

      • The concept that you took those night shots with your iPhone blows me away! No way I think! The stars here firstly are not as bright as where you are yet for you to take those shots without a telescope blows me away. Darn, Tim, you are seriously good!

      • The iPhone 13 and 14 has LiDAR, which is great for low light photography. I use my iPhone for 90% of my photography now. It replaced two cameras and three lenses. I still use my 5Ds with the 70-200mm zoom lens occasionally (54 shots in March and 62 shots going into the 4th week of April), but my iPhone and the 7D MkII with the Bazooka lens are used for 99.9% of my photography these days.

      • I just may be switching to an iPhone, Tim. My android to my knowledge cannot take nightspots like your cell. Unreal where technology has gone. I’m not sure what a Bazooka lens is but that’s OK. I’m more than happy with what I do have. Thank you for explaining things.

      • I have a long lens, Tim, which I love. That is my most used lens along with my macro lens. And I will be looking into iPhones. I just may make the switch.

  3. Love the Mountain Chickadees – rarely get to see those little dudes/dudettes. Any chance we can train those butters to kill those damn yellow blights on my lawn! I think we could make a killing (pardon the pun) renting those out to local yard owners..well, at least those with neighbors ha. Congrats on the rose .. some of our flowers decided to bloom this week.. sure enough, we get freezes overnight and a slight/snow pellet storm yesterday – I can’t win.

    • Things are against us. We don’t have a lawn, so the little yellow blighters are not a problem for us. You could make a killing with killer butterflies. Thanks, Brian.

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