Like A Virgin In The Night

Tulip shines in white
Like a virgin in the night
She blooms and she waits

Apple orchard in bloom

Puddle ducks in the ditch

Flying saucer or cloud?

Owlets looking at Laurie and me.

Morning scene after I started the irrigation water and had all the ditches cleaned out.

Happy Tulip got a good soaking from the irrigation water.

Fat and fluffy Dove

51 thoughts on “Like A Virgin In The Night

    • It was all ducky.

      Here’s some old duck trivia for you: According to Eric Partridge in “A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English”, “duck” was used as a colloquial endearment from about 1590, and “ducky,” as an adjective expressing admiration, derived from that noun and has been used since about 1830.

      Thanks, Marina.

  1. Great capture of all your pictures Tim. You covered it all from virgins to blooms to duckies, I’m going to say flying saucers and those cute little owls.. day made. ❣️

  2. I love your selection of photos, Tim, from tulips to dove. That is a great photo of the lenticular clouds over the irrigation ditch. I don’t see many of those here.

    I saw the growing crescent moon and a bright nearby planet through a small hole in the cloud cover tonight.

  3. Always forget how beautiful fruit trees are when they bloom -those look fabulous. Great shots of the owlets – they look like they are taking in the new world with those big eyes. Kudos to their natural camouflage – a perfect blend with their nest location. That is a fantastic shot of the red tulip by the way.

    • Thanks, Brian. You would think the cottonwoods evolved around the owls they blend together so well. The owlets are all wow at the world and that pesky paparazzo.

  4. Flying saucers, spying owls, and virgin tulips – what is the world coming to. Bing’s chatbot told me that tulips have male and female parts and can reproduce sexually or asexually, so maybe this tulip will remain a nonbinary virgin.

  5. Stunning tulip and Timku!
    Is that your orchard? That’s a marvellous shot, Tim.
    That is a fat dove… I have dove love.

      • I can’t see worth a darn. I read orchid, which rebloomed for us, so that’s what I thought you were asking about. No, it’s not my orchard. It’s the Wagner’s orchard a little north of us.

      • Still, you get to be near that beautiful orchard!
        Orchid…orchard… close.
        June’s almost here. I hope the cataracts are ready then.
        It will make a difference.

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