Dragon Skewered By Contrail

Stories in the clouds
Dragon skewered by contrail
Owls were nonchalant

Osric Owl

Owlet sitting back, shooting the breeze.

Nora Owl

42 thoughts on “Dragon Skewered By Contrail

    • Thanks, Dale. Laurie is writing a paper on Chaucer. I told her I could probably summarize Chaucer in a Timku. I’ll have to try.

  1. Beautiful, inspiring sky photos, Tim. That first one reminds me of an old Ian Tyson song, “Farewell to the North”.

    The owl family always brings a smile. They are endearing souls.

  2. I enjoyed the Timku and photos. There’s so much mythology about the stars, but no one ever thinks of bringing that same storytelling to the clouds. True, you don’t have the benefit of cloud patterns being fixed the way constellations are, but I think that also helps keep things interesting.

  3. Throw another dragon on the barbie!
    If that joke makes any sense to you!
    Love the owls.
    I’m thrilled you found where they are nesting.
    Anyone in my tree? xx

    • There are lots of birds in your tree. But nothing bigger than a dove. Veracious Barbies. Thanks, Resa.

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