Moonrise Dawn Birds & Dusk

And yet another Pink Moon rising put on white.

A colorful dawn. Resa’s tree throws out clouds.

House Finch on the tippy-top of the tree.

Rodney Red-tail in Gigi’s Tree.

Cooper’s Hawk fluffed up because it was cold, bleached white in the sunshine.

Dusk’s display

31 thoughts on “Moonrise Dawn Birds & Dusk

  1. Those images are all stunning, Tim, especially the moon in the trees. Looks like another cloudy night up here in my area, and I am always happy to see the moon on your site.

  2. That first shot is just wow.
    And then you threw down with those spectacular skies and beautiful birds.
    Always such a pleasure to visit you.

  3. Your trees (and Resa’s tree) make for incredible backdrops and foregrounds for your photos. The opening shot of the Pink Moon rising is enough to just sit and relax and watch the night skies at work.

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