57 thoughts on “April Moon In A Tangle

    • Not much better than a good tangle. Although it does take two to tangle! Thanks, Marina.

      • 1054, the Filioque and all that. Gotta keep them separated for being off center and not leavened and not being onboard with how the Sees Saw the pentarchy.

        I’m happy you had a good Friday on our Good Friday. Have a wonderful Sunday on our Easter, and I’ll see how good my Friday is on your Good Friday coming up. The Bee did a satire about God promising the Rapture will come a week later for the Eastern Church.

      • A ha ha haaaa….
        I’ll have to check that out!
        Meantime… a good Monday to you [as in, brilliantly good] while our Good Monday is here! 😉

  1. Truly wonderful photos of the April moon, Timothy. Interesting angles and creations. I especially like the one where it is rising, so big and full, from behind the ridge.

    • The full moon rises behind the towers on the mountains in April. Always makes a good photos. Thanks, Jet.

  2. What a lovely piece and your photographs are incredibly stunning Tim. You know we saw a comment from you about rents and we are trying to find it again through jet pack. You are one kind man, and modest too. Not many people would make the information and other things we talked about. You have an enormous heart. That comment is somewhere and we will find it. Jetpack has got me all screwed up. Big hugs and love to you both. 🦋🌹🎉🙏🎊

    • I don’t remember saying anything about rent, but who knows. I might have mentioned rent is high in the Albuquerque area. Thanks, Joni.

    • Thanks, Samantha. Full moons rise behind the towers only a few times a year. April is one and Septermber another.

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