Mystery Bird Nesting In Resa’s Tree

I was photographing the Western Bluebirds and Sparrows in and around Resa’s tree when I noticed one of them going into and coming back out of a hole in one of the branches. I could not see clearly enough through the camera to see the bird in the shadows, but I was expecting to see a Western Bluebird or Sparrow when I processed the photos. Much to my surprise, I did not recognize the little bird when I pulled the images up on my computer. I used one of the photos to identify the bird using the Merlin Bird ID app. The mystery bird turned out to be a Bewick’s Wren.

The Western Bluebirds are still hanging around Resa’s Tree. I assume they have a nest there, but I haven’t found it.

A sparrow on Resa’s Tree gave me a sly look.

The Bewick’s Wren perched near the hole in the branch.

The Bewick’s Wren was taking small branches into the hole in the tree limb where it has a nest and coming back out, hopping around on the tree limb before flying down to find another twig.

The female Redwing Blackbirds are still hanging out, flying between the tops of the cottonwoods during the day and roosting in Rebecca’s black bamboo at night. The above series shows a flock flying out from and back to the same cottonwood before moving to another cottonwood in the last photo.

37 thoughts on “Mystery Bird Nesting In Resa’s Tree

  1. They have been very vocal and active recently. Nice find. Listen for Lucy’s Warblers as well: a LOUD descending series of notes that has a faintly metallic timbre (listen to the sound on Cornell’s All About Birds). They are a tiny gray warbler that sports a russet cap, and can be seen darting all over in the bosque right now.

    • The red-wings have been hanging around all winter. I’m surprised they are still here. Thanks, Brad.

  2. What a delightful surprised. Pretty little birds, all of them.
    Those Redwing Blackbirds are quite vocal, aren’t they?

    • I can’t hear their chatter. But they make a lot of noise when they are flying and the flock is wooshing from one place to the other. Thanks, Dale.

      • Oh boy. I remember trying to take a video of the sound of the St. Lawrence lapping the shore… those little buggers took over the microphone!
        And, where I used to walk, there is a man-made lake with a lovely path that goes all around. I once passed way too close to a nest (I had no clue). Lemme tell you, Mama swooped and yelled at me big time!

  3. Life is definitely for the birds ~ and I remember having to work my way through Audubon bird guide to identify birds (and with me, always incorrectly…), so how I’d love to have had the app back then. I failed as a birder but was impressed by my friends, who could classify most birds almost immediately. Great photos, Tim.

    • I’m definitely a failed birder. I can identify owls, a few hawks, the herons and the cranes and that’s about it. The Bird ID app is a life saver.

  4. Took a lot of work for me to get the Bewicks this year – rather reclusive Wrens and have an annoying habit of always putting a branch between it and The Beast. You got some nice shots.

    • They are annoying with branches and breasts. Maybe they should be called boobies. Thanks, Brian.

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