Easter Sunday Surprise

Happy Easter! Glenda showed her respect by lying down with the bunny and the lamb.

Osric is a wily old owl. He misled me on where I suspected Nora Owl and the owlets might be. Last night I walked down to see Osric after sundown.

After a good been of negotiation between us, Osric flew over to a tree on the other side of the tree where I thought Nora and the Owlets might be.

Nora came out of a tree closer to the ditch bank, and an owlet popped its little head up. I was so close to them, I couldn’t get Nora into the frame using the Bazooka.

Nora took off before I could change cameras, and the owlet looked up as Mama silently flew away.

Two little owlets stared at me from the nest. Happy Easter Owls!

67 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Surprise

  1. Happy Easter to you, cats and your family, Tim, and all the wild and wonderful creatures of the bosque. Thank you for posting the first owlets of the season! They are heartwarming!

  2. Happy Easter to you, Laurie, Tristan, the kitties, and the extended family. Thank you for all the pics and especially the new owlets. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice owlet photos. You were close enough to ask how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop.

  4. Happy Easter to you and Laurie and the cats and the owls and the owlets! How wonderful that Osric led you to his family! Such a lovely gift to you and us!

  5. Glenda looks so adorable between the bunny and the lamb. I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Easter is my favourite periode of the year because our local (and Belgian) tradition of having lots of chocolate eggs.

  6. Happy Owling Easter, Tim …and Laurie and everyone in Tim paradise!!!!!
    Love Glenda, owls and that rather mysterious photo where the trees seem to follow the clouds towards… who knows! πŸ˜‰

  7. Glenda really shows off how she cute she is by posing between those stuffed animals. Glad you found the owlets, and just in time for Easter! They are so adorable and fuzzy looking, like little aliens.


      • That’s close.
        Also, belated Happy Easter.
        Our tiny family celebrated 2 weeks early due to a trip someone was going on. The real Easter just kind of slipped by me.

      • It’s a lot farther away than the other owls were, but much closer than when Osric and Nora were in the bosque. You can celebrate Easter again this Sunday with Marina.

      • I’m going to set up my drawing stuff. I’ll come back in a bit and check it out.
        I had a fitting with your Art Gown today. I got a few pics. They are only fitting pics, no make-up etc. I’ll send a few tonight, or in the am.

      • I’ll be on the look out. I just posted a noble beast and ditch bank drama. And I responded to Dale’s cuteness.

  8. Cute Glenda shot. Two more owlets – now that is a great Easter present. Were lucky to see two owlets while on our Florida leg of our trip – wish we had the opportunity to visit them again while they continue to mature.

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