Mixed Bag Bosque


Shey’s Tree. Cindy’s Santa Cynthia Tree. Christine’s Tree on the right.

65 thoughts on “Mixed Bag Bosque

  1. They are a beautiful selection of photos, Tim. I especially love the reflecting canal. Too cloudy up here tonight to see the new crescent moon. Thanks for including her in this set.

  2. These are delightful and I’m so happy to see my tree Tim. She looks like she is spreading and in full bloom. So funny my tree reminds me of me with tentacles in all directions. lovely as are Shelly’s and Christine’s. 💗
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Timothy what is a weather there now, how many Fahrenheit in a morning and how many Fahrenheit is over the day. Here in a Zagreb Croatia South Eastern Europe is about 10 Celsius in a morning and about 15 over the day.

    • Hi Meli. It was 25ºF (-3.9ºC) yesterday morning. The high temperature was 64ºF (17.8ºC), and it was 41ºF (5ºC) when I took the photos.

  4. Your bosque shots are always a treat. Those birds are singing as they fly. I was surprised how many birds there are in some of the smaller pictures.

  5. Great shots of the Sandhills in flight – by the looks of it, at least one of them was squawking up a storm. I’m a big sucker for lines in art – especially the straight ones that lead to the back of the shot like your second to last – makes you feel like you are heading somewhere. Nice job.

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