At The Beach

Not a cloud in the sky

Cranes playing on the beach on the other side of the river.

Jake intermission

Downy Woodpecker

Mars bottom of the photo. The Pleiades in the upper middle. Kiss Flying V below the Pleiades.

57 thoughts on “At The Beach

  1. That is a fine beach, river and Sandias under an intense blue sky. Not as blue up here today, but a mostly sunny to partly cloudy day, and thickening up this evening. We hit 70 here today. I may or may not be able to see the sliver moon in the west at sundown.

    Jake is a very handsome dog. Thanks for the birds and stars, too.

    • I know. Chocolte is truly the food of the gods, but doggonit dog gods can’t have it. Thanks, Dawn.

  2. Trying to decide which photo I prefer! The blue sky in fall is a special one, isn’t it? Those cranes are fun… Jake is adorable and I just love the night sky!

  3. Wow, that sky is stunning!! The nature shots of the cranes playing are so cute, along with the bird close-up. And your dog is absolutely adorable! Lastly, the night sky shot is stunningly vivid!

    • Thanks, Samantha. If you like cranes, stay tuned, there will be a lot more crane photos through the winter. Jake is my daughter’s dog. He is a really good dog. He like to come out and visit and walk in the bosque and along the river. Everyone loves Jake.

  4. Glad to see the cranes back. We had two high flying very large “V’s” overhead last week. Typical, we heard them first and then had to strain to find them!

  5. I’m not good at this constellation spotting. However, I spotted Mars.
    It’s so neat that you can make out the night skies. Thank you!
    Jake is a sweetheart. Did Buddy’s eye get fixed?

    • Cranes do not stay all year around here. They are all gone by April. A lot of Canadian Geese have taken up permanent residence. I don’t think they have their geese cards, either. Thanks, Brian.

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