66 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Ghouls In The Dark

    • We never get trick or treaters. Our property is dark, scary and has real monsters. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

      • We do not decorate specifically for Halloween, Tim. After Labor Day, we put up outdoor decorations representing Autumn, but they don’t have any Halloween connection. There are other folks in our neighborhood who load up their front yards with tombstones, spider webs, and inflatables. I think those families with little children tend to do the most elaborate Halloween-specific displays.

      • That makes sense. There are neighborhoods in town that have decorating contests for Halloween and Christmas. A lot of people really go all out decorating their yards and houses trying to win the decorating contests.

  1. I should drive by the house on the side block tomorrow. He always has waaaay too many giant inflatables on the roof and I’ve been wondering if he got the 12′ skeleton that was trending this year.

  2. Happy Halloween, Tim and Laurie! I like Sasha’s comment. She is one cool kitty. Marble looks good in pink.

    It’s a multilevel grey sky out there this morning, with a clearing through which I can see part of a bright contrail above it all. 52 degrees and rain on the way.

  3. Most definitely frightening!
    Is that on your magic tree sanctuary?
    Sasha is adorable.
    There’s a cat running around here. I think it’s a stray. It looks like a long haired Marble.
    Not sure what to do. I’d bring it inside, but it hasn’t come close enough. Also, Johnny has been under the weather, and is a huge scaredy cat.
    I can’t stand thinking about cats without homes. I’m going to take a walk around the area to see if there’s a lost cat poster that looks like this cat!

  4. Not one but TWO 12′ Home Depot skeletons – the most sought after Halloween decoration for the last two years. I’m definitely stealing that idea of putting the fairy lights in their chest – absolutely love that effect! Happy Halloween to you as well (it’s my favorite day unlike the cats ha).

    • There was another 12 footer on the other side of the street and a 12 foot werewolf further down the road. I thought you would like that lights in the ribcage. I thought it was pretty effective. Thanks, Brian.

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