79 thoughts on “Half-Moon On Halloween

      • Goodness. Well for many years when I ran a music and drama biz for kids, I ran a big bash every year, where kids would queue onto the street and my own family were lucky to get in ANd every year was a diff theme and every year the kids would want to know the day after what the next year’s theme would be. . Then we moved here and it was out of sight and sound in many ways. I mean no-one even knows how to find our house in the street. But I did the bits for the then only grandie and then the next one. And last year the younger girl said she’s do the family bash for Halloween so we were there on Sunday. So no-one was more astonished than me when last night the door bell rang and it was two kids from the street, both in older grandie’s class at school re you got to go to my Nina’s house. So yeah i did a bit of a sound and light there off the cuff. First time for a while.

      • That was a nice surprise. No one showed up at our house. The same as it ever was.

  1. I always thought that this side of the moon looks like a scull! The detail is …wow!
    Brrr… that is cold but your little ponies show the way to warmth! πŸ˜‰
    Happy Hallowe’en! πŸŽƒ

  2. I like the concept shown in the middle photo where you can see so many measurements. I’m a big sports fan, and there are so many metrics and analytics associated with sports these days that photo made me think of sometimes being overwhelmed by data. Always up for a “trip” to the moon, and you can never do wrong by lighting up those ponies!

  3. That is one scary shot of the half moon. Amazing!
    Like all of the TimKu’s!
    The Werewolf is a glass is half empty kinda guy. He should be happy he is half a wolf! πŸ™ƒ
    Your Ponies are adorable! Lol! Your Ponies’ TimKu too! xx

  4. I see you are starting to accessorize your little ponies hehehe. Great shots of the moon, maybe send that to Kamala since she’s so excited to be able to see the craters of the moon “with our own eyes”.

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