Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn among the star, shining through thin clouds and smoke.

A Jake-In-The-Box


Western Bluebirds of happiness


Blue Iris

Mother’s Day roses: Neil Diamond looks like Scentimental. Anna’s Promise, and Vavoom.

Ketchup & Mustard and Vavoom.



Ring around the moon

It’s half the moon it used to be!

58 thoughts on “Jake-In-The-Box

  1. Oh wow, it’s a smorgasbord of beauty. Sky’s fabulous, I want to take Jake home with me. You can keep the box. I would like a parrot to please.

    • Everyone wants to take Jake home. He’s a really good dog. We are trying to find a female, preferably a Great Pyrenees, to breed him with so we can have little Jakes, but no luck so far. If you know any unaltered bitches (dogs that is) let me know. Have dog will travel. The parrots are fun but they are like having perpetual three and five year olds. Thanks, Holly.

    • To market
      To matket we go
      Without a second thought
      Jake steals the show.

      The skies are beautiful with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in view.
      What would mother’s day be without rosy
      Although this year come to think of it….mmmm
      Hoe wonderful then to have a garden filled with roses like these.

  2. Jake looks like he’s learning from the cats. 😂 so photogenic.!! You sure have a mirage of animals along with the flower kingdom. The moon and planets are all lining up for a great evening Tim!

    • Jake was checking it out to see what kitties found so attractive about boxes. He didn’t get it, but love the attention he got for being in the box. Thanks, Cindy.

      • Jake is a fun dog. All the cats except for Marble and Glenda disappear when Jake comes over.

      • I bet he would like my Ollie.. I had to take her to the vet today. Her gums were oozing.. I think from a gopher bite or something like that. 🙏🙏

  3. I Jake taking on a cat persona? Beautiful roses for Mother’s Day (I say thank you). And beautiful all around, Timothy.

    • He was seeing what the apeal was to a box. He didn’t find in particularly exciting other than he got a lot of extra attention. Thanks, Dale. Happy Mother’s Day (In the US of A, anyway).

    • Thanks, Jeff. Beaker and Søren are real characters. Beaker is 30 years old, bout 10 years beyond his average life span.

  4. These are all amazing shots Tim. From those epic night shots to those gorgeous poochy shots of Jake and then there’s nature in all her glory. Thanks for sharing. Just fabulous!!!

  5. Planets in intergalactic space, a handsome ‘Jake in the box’, a viviparous caught in the sand, bluebirds, Greek Goddess Iris’s and flowers, great Beaker shots, and the orb of night, Bootiful all! Thanks.

  6. Yes, this is the ideal welcoming of a new week. Monday morning joy! Planets (what a sky!), sweet Jake, lizzy, feathered friends and blooms. Half a Moon but what a Moon! 😉

  7. Jake is soooo adorable!
    The birds are running a good second.

    Jake in the Box! Great memory…
    When I was a little kid, I got a few Jack in the Boxes, over the years.
    I figured the song, and knew exactly when to stop winding… just before the POP.
    I would put it on the coffee table or side tables. The adults never learned their lesson. They would pick it up, or touch it, or breathe on it… lol…I had it wound to the hair trigger!
    POP all the time. They’d spill drinks, mess up with their cigarettes…whatever, but I got ’em every time.
    Then when I was too old for a Jack in the Box, I would wind my younger siblings and cousins’ boxes to the hair trigger.
    LOL…they never learned!

    • No. No fires close buy. Only people shooting each other. If you heard about the guy who shot the two teenagers and inself in near the Cottonwood Mall, when I looked at the footage the the area the police had taped off, it was next to the Party City where I park when I go to the Walmart, Petsmart or Office Max. Albuquerque is getting to be terribly violent.

    • Our Irises are well behind the one’s in town. We are in a cold spot. Thanks, Sue.

    • That would be a perfect Album cover. Maybe I’ll change the image on the sound file. Thanks, JYP.

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