53 thoughts on “First Bat

    • Those photographs, from the ground up into the sky, I’ve never seen bats that big, 😳. How high do they fly.
      Great Shots.

      It’s daytime, what do we expect of them. Shouldn’t daddy and mommy owl be sleeping during the day? So peacefully?
      The moon seems to agree with me.

      • It was close to sunset. Daddy and Mama took off to go shopping for dinner shortly after I snapped those photos. Thanks, abvr.

      • They like humans, so typical to nip away at a certain time of day to catch a bite and do the shoppinhπŸ˜‚

  1. Thanks for the impressive photographs of the bats. I haven’t spotted a bat this year. They appear later in the summer in this part of the world.

  2. Great catch on the bats, Tim! I should start looking for them here at dusk. That third smallest owlet seems pretty shy. It is good to see all three. I worry less. πŸ™‚ And thanks for the moon! Raining up here again last night.

    • The owlets do okay. Mama and Daddy are good parents. I should start seeing more bats as it gets closer to summer. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • As I mentioned to Sue, I must look really silly trying to track bats with that great big lens. Thanks, Rebecca.

  3. but you did it! They always swoop down on me Tim when I’m walking. My husband got bit so it does make me nervous!
    Great pics. Hey, I’m not in reader for some reason. I’ve been back and forth on chat and email for the past 2 days just FYI so people are missing my post. Let me know if you would be so kind if you see it. I’m trying to promote the Anthology for G… Thanks a lot! πŸ’–πŸ™

  4. At first I thought …. bat… like the one you show here.. However, before I scrolled down, I thought… it’s been awhile since a gag post, maybe Tim found his first baseball bat from childhood.
    One never knows?

    • You just never know. It’s the kind of bat that could get in Holly’s hair and make her go crazy. I hated playing baseball when I was a kid. PE as generally filled with bad and traumatic experiences. I chose to run the cross-country course rather than participate in the war-like games and behavior durring PE class. Thanks, Resa.

      • LOL! Norm hated PE, too.
        Holly and I have exchanged bat in the hair stories. It’s quite terrifying.
        One day I had to park in a strange underground parking. There were only about 6 spots per level. I went down, down, down…at least a dozen levels. It was a tight curve all the way. I drove with the brake on. 1 spot was available. The spots were difficult to maneuver into, supports between each spot. It took me forever to park. Whew!
        I got out of the car. A bat flew by my hair, and again and again. I was too scared to move. At some point I dove back into the car. I have never un-parked so quickly, and sped up a twirly thing so fast.
        I still shudder when I go by that building!

      • That bat was probably warning you of danger walking out of that structure. I hate parking structures.

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