Owl Moon Sky

Daddy Owl going “Aak! Aak! Aak!”

Daddy owl let me get close again tonight, and he paused from posing to puke up a pellet. I felt honored to be part of his pellet puking circle.

Back to posing.

The moon is a little over half full tonight at 64.3%.

Since we had cloud cover for the first two days I would have seen the sliver moon, I only have the seven moonshots so far in February.

Catching air

From the Ministry of Silly Walks on Water.

Sunset looking to the southeast over the Rio Grande.

Trees and clouds at dusk looking northwest from the levee.

61 thoughts on “Owl Moon Sky

  1. Honored with a pellet – how cool is that!! Question of the day, is it possible to look at a Coot/Gallinule trying to launch without laughing… survey says… NO hehehe.

  2. you know you are on the inner circle if you’re in the circle of puke with an owl or any bird for that matter. Stunning pictures Tim. Oh I hope she has babies.. and of course your pics of the moon are stunning.. 💖🌈🌈

  3. I’m mystified by Daddy Owl, such a gorgeous creature, he loves you and your camera. That’s a paradise of wonder you’re living in. I’m so grateful that you share it with us. The beauty of it is breathtaking.

    • Thanks, Holly. He was sitting just north of your Tangle Heart Tree soaking in hearty vibes. He sure acts like he likes to pose. He’s a real character.

      • The owls will sit on the THT but it’s usually well after dark when I’ve seen them on it (impassible to photograph then). The pTerodactyl likes sitting on the THT, and the downy woodpeckers love the THT.

  4. You are an honorary owl, Tim, inducted into the Order of Owls by Daddy Owl! The photos of birds, sky and moon cycle are amazing, and quite beautiful. They show your love of life.

  5. Outstanding gallery today, Tim. Puking a Pellet is a new one. Silly walks, catching air are wonderful snapshots of avian life. Moon shot awesome. Thanks for sharing. Really.

    • Pellets are fascinating to disect and see all the little and often big bones from critters owls have consumed. Thanks, Brad.

  6. It appears Daddy Owl has gotten used to you. What an honour to be in his pellet puking range.
    The blue heron is SUPER!
    Wow, there sure have a lot of moons where you live.

  7. I will always be partial to the owls I believe. They are such amazing creatures and just so beautifully photographed by you. I loved all your shots of the moon together too. Wow that is pretty amazing. You live in such a beautiful place and your shots just show God’s beautiful creatures. Thanks as always Tim and blessings to you two.

      • Indeed they are amazing. I think they know and trust you. We had around twenty feet in our yard two days ago. They are quickly running out of land. So much building around here it is sad. We feed them and they feel safe eating leaves and seed in our yard and apples too. I love looking at the owls. Big hugs, Joni

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