Gone To The Dogs

Meet Buddy. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and he’s our newest staff member. We have not been able to find sufficient staff, so we’ve gone to the dogs for new hires. Buddy is young and impressionable, therefore, we can train him in his office doggie duties.

Being so young, he’s not quite up to full-time work and fell asleep on the job. Buddy is Ailene’s dog. Her husband died last month after battling cancer for a year. She got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because they are easygoing, people-oriented dogs. Buddy spent the morning in my office while Ailene was at a meeting.

I took a walk around the long block (about a mile to get all the way around) at the office today. The clouds were excellent from the east and the west.

Daddy Owl at dusk.

Purple Dawn


88 thoughts on “Gone To The Dogs

  1. Oh Tim, Buddy is soooo adorable.. melts my heart.
    You know we had 2 and they are the sweetest ever.. a great addition! 💖💖💖🌈
    thanks for sharing him.. how are the cats doing with him?

    • He is. He loves people and is really social. He played, I mean worked, for awhile and then slept on Dede’s lap for and hour followed by another half hour of sleeping on my lap. Then he got up and started playing, I mean working, again. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Adorable post and puppy. A wonderful breed. My late father’s spaniel was named Buddy. Buddy passed a year before my father. I like to think they met again. 💗

  3. Buddy is an adorable little pup! My heart goes out to Ailene on the loss of her husband. Buddy seems like he will make a fine companion for her.

    The skies are beautiful, and that is a nice portrait of Daddy Owl.

  4. Oh golly what a title
    It though me off guard
    Until i saw this Cavalier
    I want a Buddy 😍
    I’m soooo jealous😭 of Buddy’s carer🤗

    Gorgeous shots Timothy

  5. Buddy is adorable and should bring Ailene some comfort during this difficult time. I know Zeke pretty much kept me going.
    Your skies are, as per, beautiful! And is Daddy Owl posing, or what?

    • We’ve always wanted to have office cats, but we can’t leave them at night because of the motion sensors for the alarm. Cats don’t travel well. A dog is good because they normally travel well. Thanks, Tiffany.

  6. Such a sweet puppy. I’m sure he’ll be on the job soon. He’s in orientation now. Thanks for the amazing photos of Daddy Owl and Dusk , so beautiful! I like that Harley too … yours? 🌷

  7. What an adorable puppy – Ruger wants to play with it! (although sad backstory)..One sharp Owl shot you got there Timothy, right down to the jaundice eyes.

  8. You need a couple of puppy dogs of your own to go with the kits. You and Laurie will have some company when you’re outside the wire. 🙂

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