Same Old Stuff

Daddy Owl sits in the same old spot, basking in the yellow light of the low-hanging sun.
The Sandias turn the same old pink under clear blue skies.
The same old constant stream of crows flying from nowhere to somewhere at dusk.
Cranes land on the same old sandbar.
The same old flying V head into the sunset.
The same old sunset colors surround the trees.
The same old stars hanging in the east.
Same old stars hanging in the west.
Same old Jupiter peeking through the trees in the southern sky.

I took the same old walk. Got the same old photos. The same old stuff.

63 thoughts on “Same Old Stuff

  1. Nothing same-old in anything you share with us!
    That purple-yellow sunset is outstanding!
    And that crane looks like a conductor… her musicians aren’t quite on point, though 🙂

  2. If you think about it, the same old always with their alluring wonderful, draw us to them, and we always go back for more.

    Vintage beauty an a totally captured eye.

    • True. Classic rock stations flourish here. Same play list day after day after day of 30. 40 your old songs. Drives me crazy.

      • I get that. Sometimes a song is just right. And when you choose what you want to listen to that’s fine. The problem with the classic rock stations here is they have a playlist that plays the same songs at the same times every day. The only time I listen to the radio is when I’m in the car going to and from work. So I hear the same songs driving to work and back every day if I turn on the radio. Fortunately, I have lots of other stuff to listen to.

      • Yes exactly. But i hear where you coming from. We have a couple of radio stations like that too. Playing the same tunes since tant toekies se teit. No and then i tune in when I’m feeling nostalgic about the oldb rock tunes.

  3. Different colors, different perspectives, different moods brings each photo alive with a new sense of wonder. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

      • I get stuck in traffic a lot. I love our paradise. But since we’ve moved the office out of downtown to a more sterile location, which I really like, I don’t have all the low life, dirty, filthy, trashy environs that make for interesting photos to add variety to my posts. I like having more variety. But I’m not heading downtown anytime soon. The same old stuff with have to do.

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