Yin-Yang Kitties

Sasha & Gwendolyn

Yin-yang Kitties
Curled up in a ball
Cold winter morning
Hoarfrost at the door

Purring in harmony
Dreams of catching birds
Lizards chased around the house
Leaping on a big fat mouse

Unlucky in the hunt
Wake to get a bite
Same old kitty food
Mouse Mousse would be alright

51 thoughts on “Yin-Yang Kitties

      • Wonderful
        The domesticated kitties are full of adventure and risky dreams.
        Thank goodness the natural wild still remain in their dreams.

        Lol, mouse mousse is just alright.
        Although my laid to rest Cat was never subdued like that.
        Ever so often she would show up with her prey, mouse or bird with so much pride, right into her last year.

  1. Great poem, except for the bird part ha! Spent many a year training in the art of the Yang and the Um (Korean version) – every day I get older the better understanding I have for those concepts (although body isn’t nearly as cooperative anymore). I get the feeling Spunk was off to the side ready to dive into the middle.

  2. Sweet pic, cute poem!
    Still, I can’t help but wonder what a moussed mouse looks like?
    So, like his hair is sticking up like a mohawk? Or is it all slicked back like a dangerous street mouse?

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