Pterodactyl Procrastinating In A Puddle Of Pink

Got that Flamingo Feeling!

The landings

The second to the last of the full moons rising on the day before yesterday’s Frost Moon.

68 thoughts on “Pterodactyl Procrastinating In A Puddle Of Pink

      • πŸ˜€ Great stuff!

        So get this. (I know you’ll appreciate the tale I’m about to tell!)
        I go into Montreal, cross all the way over till I’m off the island to get my forgotten chairs (45 minute ride). I walk around a couple of towns clicking photos and then make my way back, leaving a cake for a friend before making my way home. As I get off my exit and stop at the lights, there is the moon. RIGHT there, looking as if I can reach out and touch it. But there is nowhere possible to stop and I am a mere 300-400 yards away from home. I rush home, get out of my car, grab my camera. No moon. I try to climb onto my roof, but the new snow is way too slippery but from what I can see – no moon. I decide no way, I run back to the overpass where I could see it plain as day, not three minutes ago, wind whipping me. No moon.
        Seriously? Sigh. Back home, dejected. An hour or so later, there it is but it’s not big and not tinted orange and looks like every other moon I’ve taken. I take its picture and realise it’s just the same as they all are. Not fair!

      • Les choses sont contre nous! I hate it when that happens. Where did it go between the light and home? Cloud, wormhole, the 5th Dimension, Age of Aquarius, Up Up and Away, like got away? Totally weird.

  1. You’re always shooting such beautiful photographs on so many different subjects. It’s such a pleasure following your blog, Tim.

  2. I’d say “posing” not procrastinating and I can understand him standing there! Amazing captures, my friend. All part of your paradise conspiracy to which I’m addicted!

  3. The first shot is crazy amazing Tim.
    Is that the same bird as the garage door painting I showed you?
    All the shots are fab, but the first one…WOW!

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