Frost Moon

The last full moon of 2021 rising over the Sandias. The December full moon has many names, one of which is the Frost Moon.

Venus in the cottonwood at Village Pizza. Saturn and Jupiter are to the right.

70 thoughts on “Frost Moon

  1. Your moon series is awesome. I too tried to take pictures of the moonrise, tripod and all, attention to settings, and they all came out over-exposed. I cannot seem to figure out how to shoot things at night.

    • Daylight settings for a full moon. 1/500 sec at ฦ’/8 for example. No tripod needed. Thanks, Bruce.

      • Well. Doesn’t really matter much here as it is snowing and there is no moon to be seen now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I did try to find it…

  2. Absolutely beautiful set of photos, Tim! It was overcast and raining here last night, still pouring today, a silver mist kind of day. I got a brief view of the moon the night before.

  3. No “Bad Moon Rising” effect, I presume.

    O/T: Our weather convo comments disappeared. Don’t ask what happened. It wouldn’t be the first time WP disappeared comments. I guess the algorithms had a hiccup or something.

    • No! Only a cold moon rising. Speaking of things disappearing, the Frost Moon gave Dale the cold shoulder. I’m never surprised when things disappear from WP. Thanks, David.

      • I read that. Dale is certainly brave in climbing to the roof on new snow. I did climb on new snow, old snow, ice, which I did in the previous life, but that was required. Otherwise, not a chance these days.

  4. Never heard of a frost moon before – quite interesting. Really like the red hues in the second shot and the moon beam (frost cicle maybe) across the water in the second to last shot.

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