58 thoughts on “Frozen Dawn

  1. The images are beautiful, Tim, and I enjoyed your poem. It s mostly cloudy grey up here tonight, a few patches of fading blue after sundown revealed a waxing gibbous moon. Some possible snow flurries ending around midnight and the promise of a very cold dawn tomorrow. How did December get here so quickly?

  2. Wow!!!! Your images are exceptional, Tim!! Just wow! The “emotion” I’m feeling through your compositions is incredible. You are delving deeper into yourself and as you do you are pulling out pieces that are genius. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’mm not getting out as much during these short days, so I’m working with the little I have to show. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Amy Rose.

      • I’m in the same position, Tim. Time is getting away from me and I don’t seem to be able to get out the way I used to. So like you, I find other ways to create. How awesome!!

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