Contrails, Stripes, Cool Colors

Cranes in a fly-by. The cranes started flying over at high altitude last week.

We haven’t seen the Tangle Heart Tree in a while.

45 thoughts on “Contrails, Stripes, Cool Colors

  1. Beautiful skies, Tim. You’ll soon be blessed with a plethora of cranes! The expanding contrails could certainly give fodder to that particular conspiracy theory…

  2. The Painter has been doing some beautiful work on the clouds, Tim. The light on the water is precious. Crane Airlines looks right on schedule.

    It got really overcast here yesterday with a few splatters, but no real rain. There was thick ground fog/smog in the valley and air quality was poor.

  3. Great shots, Tim!
    I grabbed the Tangle Heart.
    I also grabbed the last shot. Is that the Rio Grande? I think I can use it for the last episode in the recent AGM, PBH.
    It’s taking awhile to draw it. I keep working on Char’s gown.

  4. I see the geese are forming up in their V’s as of late – haven’t seen any cranes mixed in yet, but I always keep my eyes open (more so for the whoopers, but sandhills are fun too)

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