The Last of the Balloons and a Full Moon



Only a few balloons went up on the last day of the Balloon Fiesta.

My Little Poneys playing with Spunk’s ears and tail.

Dog in the clouds

The full October moon rose tonight.

65 thoughts on “The Last of the Balloons and a Full Moon

  1. Love the moon shots, and the pooch on the board seems to like the water. Sky is now back to “normal” w/out those balloons until next festival, huh? Thanks for sharing the gallery, Tim. Oh, and interesting pattern on Silver.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. We tend balloons flying all year. But there’s nothing like the fiesta.

  2. I enjoyed your beautiful photo selection, Tim. Silver’s coat looks as sleek and shiny as seal fur. I watched the moon come up here tonight, too. Our sky is clear again.

    • Spunk kills his tail and ears every night. I collect them in the morning and put them back in his toy box. He makes a lot of interesting sounds when he’s announcing the kills. He gets pretty creative about where he leaves them. I do own the little ponys, but I’m not a brony. If you recall, stupid Santa gave them to me last Christmas. Thanks, Brian.

  3. What an outstanding grouping, Tim. I especially love the one before the moon rising one, with the rainbow effect… That is some beauteous art.

  4. Silver is quite distinguished…
    Balloons, moon, and sky… my favorites!
    Always love clouds that appear softly on the moon… makes it look so magical.
    Thank you Tim.

    • The Little Ponys did not get Spunk’s permission. I simply snuck the ears and tails back to Spunk’s toy box and we didn’t tell him. The painter was having a dog day of autumn. Thanks, Marina.

  5. Fabulous moon shots, Tim!
    Silver is gorgeous. His silver fur really shows silver in that shot. He looks amazingly healthy! xx

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