44 thoughts on “Stars and Mars Through The Clouds

    • He belongs to our planner. I did a post on him as a pup with no name awhile back. He comes in with her so we have two office dogs att he moment. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Thanks, Resa. So is the image of the Kiss guitar constilation to faint to notice? Only Oriana commented on it.

      • AH! I was wondering how that got up there? I saw the stars, but somehow it wasn’t registering. I wondered how the ancients had come up with that name. I blew it up.
        You discovered a constellation! 🤩V Cool!
        Once I saw the puppy, it was all about the puppy. xoxo

      • Hahaha! I do like the flying V. I think if all constellations had a modern take to go with the ancient one, more people would be interested. I know I would be, if I could see the stars. xx

  1. I love how you captured my favorite constellation, the kiss flying v. The quality is 10/10 and that definition is impossible to achieve with the naked eye. LOL great work 🙂

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