The sky was like this photo taken at dawn: cloudy and cold. We had light rain most of the day and the balloons did not fly.

It was as cold as hell inside on October 1st. It was colder than hell inside today, a week later.

Sasha thought we should have been running the heat on the deck today.

Wile E. Coyote: “I say, I say, there now. You’re bothering me, boy!”

The clouds were breaking up at sunset, but more storm clouds were moving in.

49 thoughts on “C&C

  1. The flowers are beautiful. I got my heat turned on yesterday and Bowie was about as happy as I was to have heat. The weather has not been good for the balloons, but I have loved the rain in this late monsoonal burst. We needed it. 🌦🙂

  2. The high here in SE Pennsylvania today was only in the 50’s, and there is actually a frost advisory for tonight. We usually don’t have our first frost for at least 3 more weeks. But, back into the 70’s in a couple of days. And that is the rollercoaster of Fall. The flowers are beautiful. Sasha knows just where to sit the next time that comes on.

    • Thanks, Bruce. We often have had frost by this time of year, but the outside nighttime temperatures have been higher than normal because of the cloud cover and rain.

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Tim, especially the rain-jeweled roses. Sasha looks like she is enjoying her pillow seat.

    It was warm and dry up here today, mid 70s. Orange moon rising in the east and fading orange post-sundown sky tonight. Good chorus of insects out there.

  4. We’ve already had frost up here in the Montreal area. Today I needed a lined jacket… it was brrrr! Is standing at 45 (feels like 39) right now…
    Those roses are gorgeous!

  5. Sasha has a look: “uhm… just switch the thing on, okay?!!”
    Wile E. Coyote captured contemplating “do I give him the look or do I ignore him?”
    and the painter is using up all his reserve cloud brushes!
    On the other side of the ocean, after a few slightly chilly [60s] days, we’re having a pleasant sunny Sunday in its 70s+. Sending you some rays over.

    • We are supposed to return to normal temps tomorrow. Wile E. Coyote totally ignoed me other that that one look in the photo. He was out to do his business and didn’t care about the pesky paparazzo. Thanks, Marina.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Sasha wants some warmth, I believe.
    We took our boat out of the water in the morning a few days ago… it was 38 degrees. Brrrrr!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Got incredibly cold her over the weekend – I started my run at 5am and it was 32 out – like a cold mackerel slap across the face…and that was nowhere near the most painful part of the race ha.

  8. Coyotes are so cute, it’s hard to believe hey aren’t good for petting.
    Sasha might be cold, but she sure is cute. Hey, cold and cute. C & C
    Love the water droplets on the petals. Great flower shots, Tim!

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