Misty Mountain Hop

Misty mountain hop
Made for a good photo op
Balloons rose nonstop


Does anyone remember “Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin?

68 thoughts on “Misty Mountain Hop

  1. I’m surprised you had a balloon launch, but then again not really. With that overcast, it would be no-go for a launch in COS. I don’t remember that Led Zeppelin song at all.

    • Thanks, David. As long as it’s not too windy and the rain lets up the balloons fly out here. There was little wind so the balloons hung over and near the field all morning.

      I always liked that song. I have all Led Zeppelin’s albums from from 1969 to 1979.

      Laurie’s cousin is in town. She said Chicago is going to play in Lubbock. She is going to the concert. She said the tickets sold out in ten minutes. I didn’t know Chicago was doing concerts again.

      • Chicago, what’s left of them, still tour. They’re pretty much still on the outs with Danny Seraphine and Peter Cetera. A respected music critic said Chicago can’t cover their own songs that well.

        Cetera retired in Nov 2019 after finishing a tour swing through Europe. He wanted to finish while he was still able to sing. When Cetera retired, he was still good at 77-78.

  2. Oh yeah!! Perfect song to go with this fabulous post! Love this version. Robert Plant is still sexy. And talk about a sky full of balloons! Wunderbar!

    • Plant still has his long curly locks. Page on the other hand has sadly lost his long beautiful hair. I sympathize with Page I lost my long curly locks long ago. My hair is thin and gray. Thanks, Dale.

      • Jimmy has quite a bit of hair – it’s just snow white! It was a never nice head of hair, to me, though. Robert has been blessed, what can we say?

      • Some people are blessed. My long hair used to cover up my red neck. But now I’m just a plain old uncovered redneck.

    • YOu are welcome, Michele. I remember you mentioning it. Some years the weather is prefect every day. Other years the weather doesn’t cooperate. The weather is not wanting to cooperate this year.

  3. Just hard to believe that they launch so many balloons in such a small piece of airspace. Do they ever collide? And, oh yes, I remember that song and every other song they did. (HS 1969, Undergrad years at height of VN)

  4. I was going to ask the question about “bumper balloons” as that occurred to me also. Lots of opportunities for these saying “hello” to each other while starting out. Great pictures. I absolutely remember this song, and it was likely part of my…8-track collection.🙂

    • Thanks, Bruce. There’s a lot of bumping and grinding on the balloon field. I had Led Zeppelin on vinyl, reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette, CD and now digital. Vinyl and reel-to-reel tape produced the best sound. I have no found memories of 8-track tapes.

  5. I enjoyed your photo selection, Tim. The river and mountains are a beautiful lead in. I love the pinkish cast on the water. I remember Led Zeppelin, but not this song. I remember them mostly for “Stairway to Heaven”. The balloons are sort of like that.

  6. Those balloons are soooo cool. Wouldn’t ever catch me riding in one, but a joy to watch as they pass across the sky. Think there is a launch that happens earlier in the year here, but clearly nothing at your level.

    • Balloons are fun to float around in, but I prefer jets and vehicles that go fast. Thanks, Brian.

  7. Egads! Talk about traffic congestion! The balloons are gorgeous, each in their own way.
    Do they ever collide?
    I didn’t recognize the title, but I sure remember the song. Thanks Tim!

  8. Beautiful background & color captures!
    Neat devil, and cool ice cream [chuckling]
    I was highly appreciating Misty Mountain Hop when I was 12. That is some amount of decades ago.
    They’ve a wide music library shelf space in my heart.

    • I was 13 years old when I first enjoyed Misty Mountain Hop. We had a lot of hippies with flowers in their hair in those days. Thanks, Dawn.

  9. With regards bumper balloon. I guess you can control the height of a balloon by using the burner. However for direction you are st ths mercy of the wind. Does that mean some “bumps” are inevitable?

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