Only 69 Days Left


The crescent moon shining through the clouds at dawn.

There are only 69 days left until Halloween, and Lowe’s has you covered! I walked into Lowe’s to buy some supplies for a project and was greeted by ghoulish displays.

The big guy is ten or twelve feet tall. He lights up, flashes, wiggles, and growls when you step on the button.

Spunk doesn’t give a paw about Halloween.

Loki and Glenda think they define Halloween. Silver and Spunk could care less.

50 thoughts on “Only 69 Days Left

    • I know what you mean. Haloween was never a big deal when I was a kid. Now it’s like Christmas. Thanks, Liz.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. Halloween wasn’t a big deal when I was a kid either. Little kids went trick or treating; the night before was Cabbage Night for the high schoolers to throw eggs at houses and suchlike.

      • We didn’t dress up or trick or treat because it was a mile between houses. There are a lot more people and houses now. We have never had trick or treaters. We have real monsters on our property. Our property is scary at night.

  1. Iโ€™m sorta like Spunk on this one too. Halloween was fun when the kids were little, alas, they are all grown, and Halloween is like any other evening. To bed early, weโ€™ll, usually.

  2. Mars and Hershey’s both have indicated there will be a shortage of Halloween candy. Best to start stocking up on your favorite candy now. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi Timothy, Halloween is not a big celebration in South Africa. We have our own traditional celebrations here, but I rather enjoy Halloween. I really like the picture with the clouds and the moon, gorgeous colours.

  4. Your cats always look quite contented and happy, even if some of them don’t give a paw about Halloween. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The sky photos are beautiful. No moon viewing up here tonight. A front of some sort is moving in.

    • Any reasonable person would think it’s way too early. But, then again, they will have Christmas stuff out next month, which any reasonable person would think is too way early, also. Reasonable people have little say in much of anything anymore. Thanks, Marina.

  5. The skies of the first photo are special again, in colours and shapes of the clouds.
    For Halloween, I’m with Spunk, too. Living on the countryside, we can happily ignore the whole thing, that is more important to people in the cities, be them kids or adults.

  6. OMG! Spunkie-Poo ๐Ÿ’‹ and Silver are amazing cute together! Do they sleep together often? Are they lounging in plastic tubs with towels?
    Loki & Glenda are definitely Hallowe’en cats.
    Hallowe’en, no one comes to our place. Kids don’t do the street I live on.
    Anyway, that is one adorable paw, stealing the post!

    • Spunk and Silver do nap together a lot. We normally keep things in the freezer in those plastic tubs. Be we had them out on the table to put something else in the freezer and the cats claimed the tubs. All the cats take turns lying in those tubs Thanks, Resa.

  7. I’m with Spunk. I hate Hallowe’en and I particularly hate all the retail whores who put out displays way too early. Hell, they won’t even wait till the ghoulish holiday is over before Santa Claus will be all over the place. Blech.
    Your moon, skies and kitty shots, however, I dig very much.

  8. Working in consumer products and dealing with production timelines and retailer calendars, the relationship between seasonal merchandising displays and the actual date on the calendar no longer fazes me. Somewhere out there, there is that one consumer who wanted to do their holiday shopping exactly 69 days in advance. And everyone else in the development, production, and ops team knows the ridiculous clusterfuck to make those seasonal items arrive 69 days before the holiday.

    I love how wonderfully bored your cats look about all of this

    • The production timelines must be a bear. At lowe’s, these displays provide a bit of comic relief among all the boring building and household supplies. Thanks, JYP. Another comment that the spam filter thought was worthy of keeping out of the views of WPee’rs.

      • And I didn’t even make any 69 jokes in my comment (I definitely thought about it though) and I still got flagged as spam! Maybe because I wrote a variation on the word “fuck”. Anyway, several bloggers told me that my comments were getting flagged in spam, even though I hadn’t said anything spammy or inappropriate. I finally contacted the WP Happiness Engineers and Askimet and tried to convince them of my humanity. We’ll see if this works.

      • I was a little dissapointed no one commented with 69 jokes. What’s this world coming to?

  9. So you found the Lowe’s display as well – I have my eye on that huge skeleton – hoping it will go on sale as I’m not paying that $300+ price tag. I do most of my haunted trail shopping on Nov 1st at all the local Spirit stores – 50% off is about the highest I will pay. I did find it very interesting that Home Depot didn’t have any Halloween stuff displayed… and Hobby Lobby already has their Xmas stuff out sigh.

    • I never go to Hobby Slobby so I wouldn’t know if they have Xmas stuff out already. $300 for the giant? I didn’t check prices. Thanks, Brian.

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