57 thoughts on “Pulchritudinous

  1. Absolutely, agree! The sky photos are P β€œbeautiful.” You get the most gorgeous skies. I’ve never seen storm clouds like that. πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

  2. Good title, Tim. When I first heard the word pulcritude, I was told it meant the stage beyond beauty. Exquisiteness in photo form as well! Great!

  3. Striking skies Tim!
    Is that Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree & Rebecca’s Bamboo in pic # 3?
    2 more drawings, and I can start the next AGMs episode, but I need 2 to complete the story. I might use that pic, or the grasses you sent me.

  4. Thanks to the online Websters, my vocabulary just incremented by one (for the programmers, that would be ++i). I now feel the need to use it in a sentence. “Honey, if I said you possessed pulchritudinous, would you hold it against me!?!” “I’ll wait while you look that up ha!”

    • If she knows what it means, you’ll insult her with β€œI’ll wait while you look that up!” If she doesn’t know what it means, I doubt she’ll hear the “…look it up!” I think you are in trouble either way. Thanks, Brian.

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