47 thoughts on “More Mantis Madness

  1. Glenda looks so sleek and beautiful. The mantis was a great subject, too.

    I saw the sliver of moon this morning. New moon on Saturday coming up. The nights have been nice and dark, and the stars bright.

  2. Wonderful that the Mantis head is well framed in second shot. What is the plant/flower ? Glenda is still Glenda, in all her chilled splendor. A great gallery Tim.

    • It’s a sunflower. The mantis has been hanging out on that sunflower for days. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  3. Absolutely stunning shots with so much close-up and clarity!! The mantis is so cool especially; I saw one in person the other day, it was so cute. I see you got a shot of Jupiter?!? Love this mix of space and nature!

    • Thanks Samantha. Yes. That’s Jupiter and three of it’s moons. I think that’s my best shot with the Bazooka so far. Praying Manti are so cool. They are a lot of fun to play with, also.

    • Parying mantis do make you want to do dishes. Not! but dang, wouldn’t you know it? There are always dishes to be done. Thanks, Resa.

      • WHY???!!!
        I checked everywhere. NO dishes, cups saucers, etc. were to be found. Dishes were 100% DONE.
        I’d like to know where that coffee cup came from? It’s a gift from Marina, with poppies on it. So, I suppose it could be a magic cup.

  4. Those mantis shots are really cool – not an insect we see very often around here, but I always enjoy watching them when one wanders out of the forest. Always feel bad for the post “whoopie” males ha!

    • It’s tough being a manly mantis succumbing to making a male mantis move on a horny and hungry female mantis. Thanks, Brian.

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