Studies In Lights & Skies

Spunk: “What’s this crap you are forcing on your viewers now? At least it’s more colorful than coyote crap!”

Loki: “This is how you make ‘Art’ Paparazzo. All you need is a sharp set of claws! Your Bazooka is lame when it comes to shredding!”

Sasha: “You’re making my eyes weird with those ‘Enlightened Stool Samples’ or whatever you called them.”

44 thoughts on “Studies In Lights & Skies

  1. Hi, Tim. The light/skies are interesting. And, of course, the kitties are always wonderful to see.

  2. Neat sky art, Tim. No matter what the most cute kitties in New Mexico say, it’s fab art.
    Of course Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ is nature’a art, and as always steals the post for me.

    He still wears the collar, I see. Hope it’s helping! I wouldn’t want him to get on your irritated side.

  3. Your kitties are very patient and understand the waywardness and frailty of humans. I have said it before – and will say it again – I believe that cats are the more advanced creatures. LOL

  4. You have some tough critics there Timothy – my poodles learned pretty quickly – act like you love my art or you get empty bowls at dinner. They still laugh at my work when I’m not around.

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