Moon, Mars & The Pleiades

There was an alignment of the moon, Mars, and the Pleiades this morning, but the thin cloud cover almost blocked out Mars and the Pleiades in the shots where the moon has details. Click on the photos to see more details.


Jupiter with four moons and deep space

45 thoughts on “Moon, Mars & The Pleiades

  1. Spectacular shots! That one of Jupiter… wow! Was it my imagination or was that part of the Milky Way left of Jupiter?
    Always fun to come by your place and see your magical pictures!
    Thank you!

      • I hope you didn’t get flooded. I heard the rain through the night. A little while ago we had a big gully washer. When it does that, the water from the street gets up close to my car (in the driveway — which is not a long one at all). A couple of times (past years) it has gotten to the front porch. However, so far it always drains away before becoming a problem. Rainy days here really are wonderful.

  2. Oh wow this is amazing. This was 21 hours ago. I love that you were able to capture the planets and the moon. The moon has been amazing here the last few nights. 💙

  3. I love the night sky and dawn photos. It was overcast up here the last few mornings, with not much to see. Today is bright and clear, but the heat starts coming back, too.

    The garden has been yielding a lot of cucumbers for pickles. Tomatoes are a bit behind, but we are getting some cherry tomatoes now.

  4. The moon looks like a kite made of light, when the clouds mist over it.! Wondrous!
    The shot of the Rio Grande is fabulous, Tim. Love that pano perspective.
    What camera are you taking the night skies with these days?
    Looks like dawn just swept in!

      • I need a new iPhone. I’m using a 6s. You might be laughing, but I’m on a need to buy basis.
        Would my Art Gown pics and murals come out better?
        What’s a pro? Is that like an S?

      • Photos of your gowns would come out better with the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera. The Pro is larger than the 6s and the Pro Max, like Marina just got, is way bigger than the 6s. They have 3 lenses which give you real lenses for normal, wide-agle and zoom up to 3x. Anything higher than 3x on the zoom is digital zoom, which changes the quality of the photo, but I get some pretty good effects with digital zoom greater than 3X. The digital zoom goes up to 15x. The 13 Pro is really good for night photograph because it has LiDAR (a type of radar used mostly in cars for warning drivers when objects are near). There is an iPhone 13 mini, which is about the size of your 6s, but I would recommend the 13 Pro.

      • Now I am drooling. Let me see what I can do!
        I haven’t had an offer for the 13 pro, yet.
        Did you buy your 13 pro outright, or sign a contract where you pay it off over 2 or 3 years with a plan? That’s what I will have to do.

      • I had paid cash for an iPhone 12 before the 13 Pro came out. When I traded it in, the trade-in values that Apple and T-Moble gave me covered most of the cost of my iPhone 13, but in order to get the trade-in value, I had to put the $300 difference on a 2-year plan. Then I added Laurie’s iPhone 13 to the plan a couple of months later. They gave us almost as much in trade for her iPhone SE as I had paid for it 4 years earlier. Last year, T-Mobile and Apple were giving really good incentives to trade in old iPhones. But you have to do the 2-year plan thing to get the higher values with the trade-ins. They’re making up the loss-leader trade-in values on the plans. I think that’s fine that they do that, it makes the iPhones more affordable.

    • It took advatange of Mel Brook’s half off special on circumcisam. Now it’s half the moon it used to be. Thanks, Brian.

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