Another Alignment

I woke up at 4:30 am to see Jupiter and Mars rising side by side.

Mars & Jupiter. Jupiter with moons. Saturn.

Peter, Mama Owl, Paul and Mary

Paul with Mary. Mary


51 thoughts on “Another Alignment

  1. Wonderful sunset, and those in the know in their astrological knowledge say these alignments will bring in some interesting times.
    Love the owl family as always.
    Enjoy your week end

    • Between blood moons and alignments, the end of the world is always at hand. Thanks, Sue.

      • True. My mother is obsessed with this place that has an eagle cam, and you can watch the stream from anywhere. Anyway, it’s like the eggs hatch, the eaglets get their black feathers, and then fly away in the blink of an eye.

      • Bird cams are cool. I should put a critter cam on our property to see what roams around at night beside the skunks and raccoons.

    • Now that they are in the bosque flying from branch to branch and tree to tree, we can see how awkward they are. They have a bit to go before they can swoop, glide and fly like mom and dad. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Thank you for the sky chart, Tim. We’ve gone back to cool and rainy this morning, but in a few days we might have a clear dawn up here.

    The little owls are looking more like their parents now. Their ear tufts look like they are just starting to show now. Mary still looks fairly round-headed. They are beautiful creatures.

    Sunset there is beautiful. The sky up here cleared for a little while around sundown. The spring frogs are still chorusing and we listened to them with the window open last night.

    • We were watching the owlets fly between branches and trees. They are still awkward. It will be a little while before they have their wings. It’s been in the low 40s in the mornings and low 90s in the afternoons. No rain. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. It has been wonderful watching them grow and hang out together. I will miss them when they leave (knowing a new family will be back next year).

  4. I appreciate your labeling the beautiful pics of the planets, your shots are amazing Tim. I love that you call the little ones Peter, Paul and Mary. How perfect. Yeah!!!

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