Owlets On The Tangle Heart Tree

Daddy Owl Shopping for dinner

Laurie was out before I was, and got Peter, Paul, and Mary on the end of the Tangle Heart Tree.

When I got up to the Tangle Heart Tree there all three owlets were in the tree, but Peter was in front of Paul and Mary was sitting on the backside of the left-hand branch.

Peter, Paul, and Mary from the backside of the Tangle Heart Tree.

Paul looking over Peter’s shoulder

The Owlets were frolicking in the Tangle Heart Tree (click on the gallery to see a slide show).

A pensive Mary

Jupiter rose a minute after Mars this morning. They were very close together. Stars in the early morning sky. The moon rose looking away from Venus.

62 thoughts on “Owlets On The Tangle Heart Tree

  1. It is most enjoyable to view these wonderful images of the three. Especially enjoyed the trio together on Tangle Heart. Please send our thanks to Laurie for such a great capture!

  2. Thank you both, Tim and Laurie, for these awesome owl updates!

    It was overcast up here this morning and raining now. No moon, star or planet viewing this morning.

      • You are seeing our normal late July/August weather patterns. One July morning, I think it was ’09, we saw 38 degrees in the AM and over 90 by afternoon. That is as cold a summer morning I have ever seen here. Normal is upper 40s to upper 50s.

      • Large temperature swings are normal for us this time of year. One 4th of July we were sitting out on the deck talking into the wee hours of the morning. Everyone started getting cold so we got cat magnet blankets and sweatshirts out for people to wrap up in. I checked the temperature and it was down to 35ΒΊ. No wonder everyone was cold.

  3. Such a beautiful little family, they love the Tangle Heart as do I. It’s even more special when they choose to find a resting place where they are safe. So perfect for Daddy Owl to find something for dinner. Those are hungry adolescents, he’s got a big responsibility!

  4. I see you got “mooned” by one of the kids as well. Assuming the parents are keeping their distance but a protective watchful eye on them.

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