66 thoughts on “Downy

    • That would be something if that little pecker could fell a power pole. Now a beaver? That’s another story. Thanks, Cindy.

      • I know right? I used to stare at them when giving a massage at a clients house and i loved it. they really can cause havoc though. oh a beaver would be something else! 😂 pleasure!

  1. This is a great collection of photographs, Tim. I can hear a few woodpeckers in the neighbourhood but I never could spot one.

    • They can be hard to see if they are not on a bare branch or pole. Thanks, Herman.

    • Downy’s are really little peckers. About 1/3 the size of flickers, twice as noisy. ¡el tamaño no importa con esas pequeñas pollas!

  2. Wonderful shots of mr/ms Woodpecker. I had a seasonal visiting red headed woodpecker who was partial to the aluminum telephone poles in Merritt. An early bird too, he woke up the whole island.

  3. ♫ It’s the Woody Woodpeckers Song ♫ Can’t remember who made that? I might have been from an advertisement? Busy bird.

  4. That is a wonderful set of photos, Tim! We get flickers and woodpeckers up here, mostly flickers that I see around the farm. I have read that flickers will sometimes bang on metal chimneys for the sound effects during mating season. I guess it helps attract mates.

    • Whatever is in the power poles, those little peckers love banging their heads on them first thing in the morning. They feel a need to join in with the neighbor’s barnyard cacophony of morning sounds. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Neat! And how about those insulators on top of the pole. My sweet man has an amazing collection of insulators… I need to take a picture of them one day and share.

    • Laurie was mentioning how the insulators look steam punk. My did had a lot of insulators. There was a time they were like artwork.

  6. Yet another creature I’ve never seen in real life. However, I saw a robin a few days ago. It was the first one I’ve seen in 10 years. Sigh… thank you for all the wonderful nature shots, Tim!

  7. Oh wow, at first I thought he bit it but I am pretty sure I saw his little head in the last picture. I love woodpeckers, we don’t get them in our yard like we use too. Cool drama there Tim!

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