RAW Power

I’m trying out a new photo editor called RAW Power. So far it’s pretty good.

Processing a photo of our bunny in RAW Power.

pTerodactyl flying overhead

Buddy working hard

Hummingbird behind

Almost the same devilishly cool temperature inside as outside.

Sunrise looking south

Cresent moon at sunrise

Pretty Peonies

60 thoughts on “RAW Power

  1. The photos look beautiful, Tim.

    I did see the crescent moon and two bright planets this morning, one planet near the eastern horizon, the other father away and closer to the moon.

  2. This looks like a great RAW editior for MAC πŸ™‚ I use Rawtherapee a free, cross-platform raw image processing program (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  3. RAW Power looks interesting. From your screenshot, it bears a close resemblance to the Corel PaintShopPro photo editor that I use.

    • It could be an offshoot. So many of the editors have the same look these days. Thanks, David.

    • I’m happy to give you a first. Buddy is is a good staff member. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  4. Never heard of that raw editor – will have to take a gander at it. Most of my processing is done in Lightroom and then I touch them up, copyright ’em etc. in Photoshop.

    • Hi Brian, I don’t like Lightroom. I learned to hate it when it first came out. I have mainly used Bridge and Camera Raw, and do the reduction and signing using batch processing in PS. What I’m liking about RAW Power is I can do all the adjustments, and then it will reduce and sign each photo when I export them. I can send images to Affinity Photo if I need to make more adjustments.

  5. All fab shots Tim! Did you pay for RAW?
    Is Photo Shop still a big deal? I’d like to have an editor that had a decent retouch feature, and superimpose.

  6. Your flowers are out of this world beautiful Tim. I just can’t afford to buy any professional programs for photography. Just use what came with my Mac book air – Your roses are unreal. I have been taking photographs like crazy here in Kirkland, WA – ten minutes from Seattle. I forgot just how lush and gorgeous the flowers are here. You sure have a green thumb! Thanks for sharing.

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