How many owls can you find in the above photo?

Mama Owl in the Tangle Heart Tree.

Peter, Paul, and Mary together again in the bosque eleven days after Peter flew the coop.

Peter, Paul, and Mary

There was a 50% chance of rain, but any rain evaporated long before it reached the ground. The wind blew a lot of dust, however.

73 thoughts on “Together

  1. I see all 4. Is it Mama or Daddy who is missing?
    I love that all three youngsters lined up like that! Great capture.

  2. After a good look, I found 4 of t hem…. when I scrolled down, it was confirmed πŸ™‚ It took a while to find the 3 younsters close to one another.

  3. You know me … I see 3 Tim.. one in Holly’s Tangle tree and 2 over to the left. Do they ever visit me? oh my do you think Peter will be back? πŸ’–

  4. Spotted Mama Owl on the right and the cute triplet on the left! What a treat they are sitting together and posing for the lucky paparazzo!!!! Gorgeous skies! Painter in good mood!

  5. How long will the youngsters remain together as they “leave the nest”? I assume they will go their separate ways at soon point. I remember when I lived in Tucson those times when the rain never got to the ground in the desert, but soaked the tops of the Catalinas. Always an interesting phenomena to observe.

    • They will be together for a while longer. They have to learn to feed themselves. Mama and Daddy will feed them into July. They will probably go their separate ways sometime in July. I think in years past some of the owlets stayed around into September, but with it being so dry, I think they have to spread out ealier to find enough food. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  6. Looks to me like Daddy Owl is on a branch of the Tangleheart by his lonesome and Peter Paul and Mary are cuddled up across on another branch. So 4,owls are in the tree. The flowers are beautiful, the pup is adorable so what more could We ask for? 😊

    • Mama owl was in your Tangle Heart Tree. She was blessing you while watching the youngins. Thanks, Holly.

      • She’s captured my heart, I’ve fallen in love with the owl family and so delighted to see them at home in my Tangle Heart. May they be safe and contented there.

  7. I found all 4 before scrolling down. Reminds me of a book I used to read to my 3 kids when they were little, about a mother owl who flies off to find food and her babies fear she won’t return. Beautiful photos.

  8. Oh My Gosh… it took me a while but I found them. All 4! Such adorable creatures. As I see… you mentioned in a comment… they will be around for a while into the summer. How fun for you.

  9. Makes my heart melt every time I see a picture of those three owlets together – Paul looks like he might be burning the candle at both ends… tad sleepy hehehe.

  10. It’s probably just conditioning, but as I look at these beauties, Peter looks as though he behaves as a typical 1st born, Paul fills his position, and Mary looks like the bright-eyed little sister who leans on her brothers.

    • Actually it’s interesting how they really do act a lot like kids. We can easily anthropomorphize them, but there are similar characteristics. Thanks, Dawn.

  11. I see four but I am probably missing some. I can’t believe how close the babies are together. They are so precious, what a blessing to be able to see them, watch them grow and become big. Thank you so much for sharing this gift with so many people. xoxox

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