A Snowy Egret flew by at high speed this morning.

Violet-green Swallows were swarming over the river catching insects. They were also flying close to the water splashing in it as they skimmed the surface. I was not able to get still shots of them splashing.

Mary flew over to the tree with Paul last night. She was really proud of herself this morning perched in the shade with her chest up and out like “See what I did?”

Paul and Mary. Daddy Owl was sitting in a cottonwood in the bosque where he could see both of them in their new tree between the ditches. It will be interesting to see how long it is before they fly into the bosque.

55 thoughts on “Snowy

    • Mary is so proud of herself. We were happy to see her over with Paul again. Thanks, Susan.

  1. It is fun for us to track the progress of the youngsters. Go Mary! Swallows are absolutely flawless in their pursuit and capture of insect prey. Congrats on your pictures of same. They are a tough subject…

    • There’s a lot of luck getting the swallows. I would be smarter to do video of them. Thanks, Cindy.

      • Laurie did video of them while I was trying to photograph them. I’m a bit stuck in my still photo ways.

      • When you’re this good.. stick to what you know. btw I scoured those owl pics looking for the squirrel legs,, I’m pathetic! πŸ’–πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

      • Oh what a beautiful time of the year out your way.
        Birds in the full regalia at summertime
        The egret leaving the south egressing the north, looks sublime in flight.

        Oh Mary and Paul out on mission work under the watchful eye of Father Owl…

        Good New Daily Owl

  2. Love the egret and go, Mary, go!
    Hmmm. Now you’ve got me wondering if they were swallows I was trying to capture over the water last year. Splashing and flying. I never did share those pictures. I have to go back to them!

    • If they were the size of bats and acting like bats, they were surely swallows. Thanks, Dale.

      • Hmmm… I am really not sure. I don’t know how bats act as the only ones I have ever seen were in the movies!

      • I was just looking through my posts to see if I had used them… Ended up going through all my May 2021 posts and nope… I didn’t use them soooooo….
        Jeez, I haven’t been writing at all lately – when I look at how many posts I did last May…

      • But you have a new job, had the covid cooties and all that right? I’m not surprised you haven’t been posting as much.

    • It’s hard to see that swallows are colorful when they are flying and backlit. Thanks, Heidi.

  3. Those are beautiful action shot of Snowy, especially the first one. We have violet greens and barn swallows up here. One of the barn swallows got into the garage and was trapped there, flying out when I opened the door this afternoon.

    I love those owls, and your reports of their progress. Thank you for sharing them with us, Tim.

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