La Familia & A Bloody Super May Flower Moon

The sandias, Rio Grande and clouds at sunset.

Mama Owl and Peter at 7:30 am this morning.

When I first walked up to the tree where I could see Mama Owl and Peter, Mama Owl looked like she was chewing on her paw. Then she started nuzzling Peter. I could not tell if she was trying to feed him something or groom him. She finally noticed the clicks of my shutter and looked back with a look of “Who’s that clickity clacking a camera behind my back?” She had a squint like Clint, with her ear tufts back, and looked rather mean and bothered. I said, “It is only I the lowly paparazzo!” She seemed to recognize me and put her ear tufts up giving me a little happier look.

Mary stretched her wing trying to wake up. Daddy was getting a little shuteye. Mary couldn’t get up so Paul decided to snooze as well.

Mary finally woke up enough to peek out over the edge of the nest and say hello.

Mama Owl giving a hoot at sunset.

Mary and Paul made flew to the big trunk on the tree.

Mary on the side of the truck above Paul in the crotch of the tree.

May Flower Moon Rising through the clouds.

As the old adage of Murphy’s law states: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” While we have had clear night skies for weeks out here, the night we the super bloody May flower moon rise, and go through a bloody eclipse, clouds blow in. I really can’t complain, I got the full eclipse and bloody moon, but then I felt a warm wind on my shoulder and clouds blew in a covered the moon. Therefore, I did not get the second half of the eclipse. However, the clouds added some interest before the covered up the moon completely. At least the clouds could do is rain on us, but so far only a lot of hot wind.

I started photographing the moon at the river, but once it was in the clouds, I photographed the rest of what I was able to get of the eclipse from our property.

The May Flower moon rising with the eclipse just starting.

Photos for the night sky and eclipse taken with my iPhone.

The clouds added interest to the eclipse.

The total eclipse before the thick clouds blew in and covered up the moon.

53 thoughts on “La Familia & A Bloody Super May Flower Moon

  1. I’ve been waiting for your pics, knowing you would deliver. I took some but none turned out well. And then the clouds came.

    Your photos are spectacular!

      • Um… No. What you got was fabulous. Even with a tripod – which kept slipping, all I got was shite. How the hell do you do it?

      • Once the eclipse really gets under way, I have to use a tripod. Exposures are between 1/5 a second up to 2 seconds, ƒ/4 at 800 iso once the moon was fully eclipsed, and depending on the cloud cover. Also once the moon starts getting dark, I get a good focus and turn autofocus off. I could not see the moon through the clouds in the last few photos, but with 2 second exposures the camera got the moon behind the clouds.

      • That’s what I was thinking. My tripod is shite. And I’m sure it would be that much better if I had a remote shutter release, too.
        Then again, my camera is getting tired, needs a good cleaning and even then, not so sure.

      • A good, sturdy tripod is a must. I use one made for large format cameras. It’s not particularly portable at 11 pounds, but it’s very sturdy.

      • That’s questionable. Does any of us really know what we are doing?

  2. If someone (especially an animal) gives you a squint like Clint, you’d better watch out…

  3. What a blissful start of a new week! Your Moon shots are fantastic and wow, eclipse beautifully captured!
    Even Mary and Paul flew! What a session!!! Thank you, my friend!

    • You are welcome, Marina. It was the best I could get considering the clouds. When I started photography the moon, the temps had dropped for 93ºF to 65ºF. Around 9:00 pm, when the moon was a warm wind blew in and the temperature shot back up to 72ºF. The the wind blew hard until 4:00 am.

  4. We again loved the Owl Family images. Your moon shots gave us a look, our sky was filled with thick storm clouds complete with its own light show and sound track. *Sigh* (but we needed the rain)

    • No thunder in our storm, fortunately, but high winds until 4:00 am. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  5. I enjoyed the owls and moon series, Tim, and it was a treat to see the eclipse through your lens. Your sundown conditions looked a lot like ours yesterday afternoon. It was overcast here by moonrise.

    Those little owls are growing fast! The beaks and talons already look quite impressive.

  6. oh what a sweet post Tim! I love how Mama owl was preening her owlette Peter.. sooo sweet. Their camouflage home is so utterly cool.. I marvel at it everytime I see it!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of the eclipse!! Wow, Just Wow.. amazing!💖💖👏👏

  7. Fascinating moon shots you go there Tim – I do think the clouds added to the ambiance. Great shots of the Owls as well, they are definitely comfortable with your presence now … once they recognize you ha!

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